Disable XServe WEBPERFCACHE on port 16080

Mac OS X Server’s “web perfomance caching” got you down? Annoyed by seeing :16080 appear in your URLs? Here’s how to remove it:

NOTE: This entry is mostly here because I had a hard time finding instructions on how to do this at short notice, and also so that I don’t forget how it was done. My instructions are based around my experience with Mac OS X Tiger Server so… you know… UAYOR and YMMV.

Step 1: Disable webperfcache

  1. $ sudo pico /etc/hostconfig
  3. Save the file

Step 2: Update Virtual Hosts

  1. For each virtual host .conf file in /etc/httpd/sites/
  2. Change <VirtualHost *:16080> to <VirtualHost *:80>
  3. Save each file.

Step 3: Update Apache’s listening ports

  1. $ sudo pico /etc/httpd/sites/virtual_host_global.conf
  2. Change Listen *:16080 to Listen *:80
  3. Save the file

Restarting Apache $ sudo apachectl graceful should be enough to make this change stick.
If in doubt you can restart the whole XServe.

That’s it! No more port 16080 !

DISCLAIMER: WEBPERFCACHE can be helpful depending on your needs. It is my personal opinion that it shouldn’t be on by default due to the unexpected behaviours it can produce. But then Mac OS X Server is an enterprise level system, so systems administrators should be aware of what’s running on their system, expected or not.

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