Flock Me!

Just downloaded Flock 0.4.10!

Nice little application. A bit of a twist on your average web browser.
If you are familiar with Firefox you will be right at home with Flock. Since they used the Mozilla codebase, there are even many Firefox extensions that will work fine in Flock.

The twist of Flock is that it integrates seamlessly into popular web services like bookmark sharing, photo sharing and blogging (in fact I’m writing this post in Flock right now 🙂 ).

It may actually get me to start using Flickr and del.icio.us after all!

Give Flock a try… it won’t bite

PS The number of Flock blog posts titled Flock Me or a variation on a similar theme is truly astounding. I thought about changing my post name, but I think its almost obligatory, so it can stay 🙂

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