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Well, I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes working away on different bits and pieces, here’s a summary:

  • ARIA key-nav plugin. A jQuery plugin to make it easy to add ARIA approved keyboard navigation behaviours to menubars, toolbars, widgets etc.
  • Pan-irama updated to use jQuery. Now includes a pre-loader state. Uses ARIA key-nav plugin for keyboard navigation.
  • Compact sections updated to incorporate ARIA roles/states/properties and follow ARIA best practice keyboard navigation.
  • Cornerise plugin. A jQuery plugin to make it easy to implement round corners on page elements.
  • Compact panels. Decided to hold off on the “sliding” animation for now, to concentrate on improving the basics of the interaction first. Still under development, but coming along well
  • Also been completely reworking XUI Validation, this is still in the pipeline, I’ll publish more about this soon.

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