WordPress performance

Update 5 December 2009: Recommendation revised based on new data.

As promised, here’s a quick rundown of the WordPress performance plugins I’ve been using.

  • DB Cache Reloaded = Big performance wins. Especially on shared hosting.
  • Hyper Cache = Less noticeable improvement than DB Cache, but still noticeable.
  • WP Minify = Essential. Every website should combine, minify then cache static text assets (like CSS and JavaScript) for production.

Note: I have used WP Super Cache in the past and have run into problems. Apparently it doesn’t perform too well on shared hosting setups. Also, in my experience, DB Cache outperforms Super Cache every time.

I have other thoughts about web performance that I’d like to share, but not today. Let me gather my thoughts some more and get back to you.

Know of any other good WordPress performance tricks? Leave a comment.

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