My first public WordPress plugins

I’ve been playing with WordPress for a fair while now. Hacking together themes, trying and modifying existing plugins, writing my own simple plugins from time to time. Generally doing too much in the theme files, and not enough abstraction into proper plugins.

Recently I’ve decided it’s time to bite the bullet and formalise some of these hacks, so I bring you my first two public WordPress plugins:

  • Custom default avatar

    Plain vanilla WordPress provides a list of default avatars to choose from, but doesn’t allow you to choose an image of your own making. This plugin allows you to specify your own default avatar

  • Custom app icons

    This plugin allows you to specify icon(s) to be used when iPhone / iPod Touch users create a shortcut to your site using the ‘Add to Home Screen’ function in Safari

I hope you find these useful, and eventually I will think about submitting for inclusion in the plugin directory. Before I do however, I’d appreciate any and all feedback, for example: any functionality limitations, plugin faux pas, coding style issues, etc…

Let me know what you think!

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