Test support for short URL auto-discovery

Short URL autodiscovery sounds like a good idea to me. The easiest way for a developer to integrate this mechanism is to use the link element in your document’s <head>, e.g:

<link rel="shorturl" href="https://irama.org/673" />

Or if you are using WordPress there are few handy plugins that do this automatically (for example: Short link maker and Shorter links).

So what?

But who’s going to know you’ve gone to all this trouble? How far has support for auto-discovery penetrated? I think it would be great if social media client applications would offer my short URL to users when they choose to shorten URLs within their posts, but I can’t find much documentation about which if any apps will pick up and use short URLs exposed in this way.

Go forth and test

This post can serve as a test, and a collection point for data, leave a comment if you have tested a new client application (include the version if known), and I’ll do the same.

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