I’ve always loved music. I spent a lot of time playing music when I was younger. I studied it at uni (majoring in composition), then changed focus to IT and haven’t written a dot since. Until recently…

After a long break I’ve been getting back into composition, but in a much more organic way than I have before. While studying composition, I felt a (real or imagined) expectation that I’d output sophisticated, intellectual, original, contemporary art music. Which was frankly quite stifling!

I don’t feel like I ever really ‘found my voice’ as a composer. I intend to work my way (slowly) towards that now. Along the way I’m likely to output much that is derivative of in homage to those who inspire me musically (sure to talk about them here in future).

I will post bits and pieces here as I work on them. Always happy for feedback, ideas or advice.

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