Still on holidays, have some time set aside for projects, which is nice.

I wanted to create some music but have been feeling frustrated by limitations of my knowledge around digital audio production. In the past I’ve muddled through and learnt bits and pieces as I’ve needed them. Unfortunately this breaks your creative flow and makes the entire process rather stilted.

I would find it hard to justify tertiary musical/creative study (again), but every now and then I get The Urge To Study (you know, that concentrated type of learning). Especially when it comes to detailed technical/hard skills—it’s been a while.

I watched a few freebie tutorials and even purchased some, but struggled with a lack of detail/passion from presenters. Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to stumble across Tom Cosm. His content, pace and humour have been working really well for me. His premium content is amazing value. Big thank you to Tom!

I’m learning a lot, it’s exciting! I love the feeling of knowledge rushing through your hair as you blast through the self-paced video tutorials in your open-topped… wait, I may have butchered a methophor in there somewhere.

All of his tutorials (and most of the others I’ve stumbled across online) are based in Ableton Live, which I don’t have. It looks like the right tool for the kinds of techniques I’d like to use. After investing in Pro Tools 10 and 11 (time and money), it seems that the universe is encouraging me to switch to Live—I should have listened to Incrementalist, he gave me that tip a long time ago.

Hmmm, I sense another musical investment in the near future.

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