An early work in progress, just playing with some new techniques I’m learning, synthesis, spatial effects and automation mostly. It uses the Cthulu arpeggiator and Massive synth.

The inexorable descending bass reminded me so much of Koyanisqaatsi that I kept hearing bold trumpets in my head, so I added them in, for a laugh. If I ever finish this as a piece I think it will sound quite different, it won’t be so Philip Glass-like—which is kinda’ a shame, I very much like his music.

Cover art: Hoodie ninja standing on a small moon in space

While pulling the piece together I had flashbacks to the electronic music I created when I was studying music—in my youth. So the artwork is a reference to a piece I created back then. It was a (quite theatrical) electronic music performance-piece involving myself and four friends dressed in black robes with white masks. An underlying soundtrack I’d created played over a loudspeaker system, they paraded boom-boxes around the audience blasting a series of electronic sounds (somewhat randomly) while I issued seemingly cryptic symbolic instructions from the front. It was deep, I promise 😉

I might use this little guy again, it certainly ties into that vintage irama symbolism.

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