Bouldering at Passchendaele

Rock climbing (and in particular Bouldering) has become such a big part of my life over the last few years. I might post in more detail about why in future, but long story short: For health, stress management, social goodness (I find climbers are generally quality people) and just because IMHO it’s super fun! Definitely one of my main happy places.

At any rate, Passchendaele has become a bit like the holy land. Been down 3 times now, and keen to go as often as possible. It was amazing to go with a group of climbers and see the ear-to-ear grins as first-timers get out of the car and step beyond the tree-line to see boulders in every direction. Boundless potential! 😀

For easy retrieval, here’s my map of the best bouldering spots at Passchendaele. And where to park/rendezvous for Middle sector (a great place to start the day).

Also, these are the best guide books for Passchendaele, available as free PDFs thanks to Peter Crane.

And finally, a couple of climbs from the last trip in February. The first is a climb I found that hadn’t been officially sent yet. Recorded now on The Crag as Battle of The Bulge 🙂

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