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C.I.A. Security Briefing

In information security terms, C.I.A. is an initialism for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. To protect the security of information, threats to the three aspects are analysed, risks assessed and security controls implemented to mitigate them.

This piece is the soundtrack for a humourous, yet educational video I created as a scene-setting and warmup activity before workshopping the topic of information security and cyber threats (in a non-commercial setting).

I would love to be able link you to a copy of the video, but it contains excerpts of copyrighted material from movies and news broadcasts. I’m pretty confident it would qualify under US Fair Use and Australian Fair Dealing legislation—e.g. it was created for non-profit educational purposes, is a parody and uses only small excerpts in a ‘transformative’ way (it juxtaposed fact and fiction to transform the meaning of both)—but I really would rather not take the risk, especially since Australian Fair Dealing law seems less supportive of this type of use than US Fair Use law.

Suffice to say, the video was largely tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top and needed some typically crass Action Music!! to tie it together. Luckily, being cheesy action music it all came together quite quickly over the weekend—good thing too, the workshop is on Tuesday.

This is my first attempt to write music to underscore video, well, recently. I did arrange and record music to sit under a Bond film excerpt once for high school music class. The technology has come a long way since then! I had fun passing versions of the music into video editing software and versions of the video back into Ableton Live to ensure the music fit the video and vice versa—and learned a lot in the process. I suspect most film composers don’t have the luxury of being able to iteratively edit music and video to fit nicely together.

It features tragically trite action music tropes, so enjoy a listen and a laugh…

This piece is distributed under the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution Share Alike licence.

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