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Is this thing on?

So, it’s been a while between posts. Lots keeping me busy since my last post, which makes it tricky. I:

  • started a business
  • launched a podcast
  • have been researching and drafting a book (but to be fair this has taken a backseat to everything else)
  • have made bouldering a regular habit (best habit I’ve ever started, closely followed by mindfulness meditation)

I also recently had the opportunity to make some more music and perform it live in Melbourne last week.

What now?

For more regular updates in future, I’m likely to post to these channels…

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Using Rode SmartLav+ microphones with the Zoom H6 audio recorder

It’s been a while between posting… lots going on. I’ll fill you in soon eventually. I promise.

Until then I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast! As I say, more about the topic to come—however for now, I’ve solved a problem, and the solution deserves to be published on the internet.

(When I was searching the interwebs for advice, none of the sites, forums, blogs, etc had useful advice. Very frustrating…)

SmartLav+ plus Zoom H6


If you happen to have or use Rode SmartLav+ lavalier microphones, you’ll know they’re intended to be connected to your smart phone for recording directly.

If you happen to have a Zoom H6 (or other audio recorder) and you’d really like to use your SmartLav’s to record to it, then you have a problem.

These devices don’t connect together easily. And once you have them connected, getting the right power level to them is a pain.


SmartLav+ connected to Zoom H6

Take your…

  1. Rode SmartLav+, connect it to…
  2. A Rode SC1 (or equivalent) for extension, connect it to…
  3. A Rode SC3 (or equivalent) to convert from TRRS to TRS, connect it to…
  4. A Rode VXLR+ to convert from TRS to XLR and convert down from 12V to 3V (thanks Paul Emile Graff for the tip) connect it to…
  5. The XLR inputs on the Zoom H6
  6. Set Zoom to +12V Phantom power (plugin power off)

This works! (thank goodness).

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