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Realignment, 4.0

I figure it’s high time to start posting again, and long overdue to update the site template—some of the legacy cruft was getting a little embarrassing.

I had an 3.0 design in the works a few years ago. Noting came of it. Thank goodness, it was awful. I can’t bring myself to show you.

This update (skipping straight to 4.0) features a clean, minimal design, focusing on the content. The overall colour scheme and structure has remained as it always was (it’s just a realignment, after all).

The code is a fairly heavily modified version of the simple Skeleton theme for WordPress—I’ve given up rolling my own themes from scratch, the amount of effort required to output cleaner code is just too high. With legacy cruft gone, there’s room to embrace contemporary technologies: HTML5 replacing XHTML, CSS3 media queries for responsive layout to replace the old JavaScript-driven approach.

I haven’t testing the IEs yet. If you’re using IE, I’m sorry, how embarrassing for you 😉

I’m sure there will be tweaks to come in future.

Edit (11/04): For this design I played with visual hierarchy using ‘negative visual weight’—i.e. fading back secondary elements so the content stands out. This reduces accessibility for some visitors. If this applies to you, I apologise—please let me know how you prefer to deal with sites that have colour contrast issues? e.g. Do you: a) Use a custom style sheet? b) Look for a ‘zoom layout’ or ‘accessible version’ button? c) Curse the designer and leave/complain?

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Busy busy

Well, I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes working away on different bits and pieces, here’s a summary:

  • ARIA key-nav plugin. A jQuery plugin to make it easy to add ARIA approved keyboard navigation behaviours to menubars, toolbars, widgets etc.
  • Pan-irama updated to use jQuery. Now includes a pre-loader state. Uses ARIA key-nav plugin for keyboard navigation.
  • Compact sections updated to incorporate ARIA roles/states/properties and follow ARIA best practice keyboard navigation.
  • Cornerise plugin. A jQuery plugin to make it easy to implement round corners on page elements.
  • Compact panels. Decided to hold off on the “sliding” animation for now, to concentrate on improving the basics of the interaction first. Still under development, but coming along well
  • Also been completely reworking XUI Validation, this is still in the pipeline, I’ll publish more about this soon.

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irama Reborn

Just a quick post to acknowledge the redesign of (version 2.0).

The new design features:

  • a far more flexible layout (liquid by default but JavaScript is used to create various elastic variations based on window size and text size)
  • an animated theme switcher (for a bit of fun).

Some browser inconsistencies are still being ironed out, but if I hadn’t published it in its current state it would have never happened (so IE users beware).

The plan is to follow up the redesign with some new open source contributions in the form of unobtrusive DHTML components, layout ideas or UI widgets.

The first contribution is likely to be a redeveloped ExMenu.

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Crisis over is now the new home of my web-related content (open source code and ideas). will return soon, with its new less-useful purpose (gimicky social online community participation and gamer drivel 😉 ).

I am now hosting with Media Temple‘s Grid Server. They seem to have sorted out their recent kinks. The service has been good so far, easy to use and reliable.

Now off to dream up some useful content…

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Identity crisis

I have decided to split my work from my play, this site ‘aint big enough for the both of them 😉

I will be moving this site and most of the web-development related content to and renaming it to… you guessed it: will then become a repository of all things frivolous—and get a facelift 🙂

Most of the non-web related content will be removed from tinymac in the next few days in preparation for the transition, then, once the new tinymac is born, it will all be back.

Ahhh, the duality of man…

PS Women can be dualish also.

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