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Anniversary realignment

In the spirit of realignment I present tinymac 2.1! (edited 14/12/2006: irama 2.1 now 🙂 )

This new design celebrates one year of and subtly reflects other personal developments.

The realignment boasts refined graphic elements, a better utilisation of space (at the expense of copious amounts of whitespace 🙁 ) and better support for printing and handheld browsers.

The other noteworthy attribute of this layout is that it plays well with IE (6 and 7). The old layout broke in IE 6 and I told myself I wouldn’t stoop so low as to fix it… What can I say? I caved. I was re-coding it anyway, and it didn’t seem like that much extra effort to get it to work in IE 6 also

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One year on

Today is the one year anniversary of!

I haven’t really posted a lot in the last twelve months, but I like to think that there were one or two interesting posts or articles.

To celebrate the one year aniversary I am finally activating “pretty URLs” (Yay for apache mod_rewrite).

I hope to post more interesting articles over the next twelve months, and in that vein, I am starting with an article about a new layout idea, the transformer layout.

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To die if necessary (weapons of mass abstraction)

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this:

From the PHP manual:

…Also note that it is your responsibility to die() if necessary…

Obviously I missed the memo where PHP developers were sworn to a secret pact, where among other duties, we are required to perform acts of international espionage and die() if neccessary.

I guess it came between the whitepapers karate chop(): land the death blow and Rigged to explode(): Dangerous things 101.

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