WordPress plugin: Custom app icons (for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, retina displays, Android and other devices)

A small WordPress plugin that allows you to:

  1. specify an uploaded image to use as the application shortcut icon (app icon) when iPhone / iPod Touch users select ‘Add to Home Screen’ in Safari
  2. specify whether users’ avatars should become the app icon when creating a shortcut to a user’s author page (for example:http://example.com/authors/username/)



  1. Download the release package
  2. Unzip the package (discard the folder with version number)
  3. Add the folder custom-app-icons to your plugins directory (…/wp-content/plugins/)
  4. Upload the new files to your WordPress server (if you aren’t working directly on the server)
  5. Visit the plugins page in WordPress and activate the plugin


Once the plugin is installed and activated:

  1. Upload png image(s) you would like to use as your app icon (different sizes help, upload a 57×57, 72×72, 114×114, 120×120, and 144×144 pixel dimensions to cover all devices types)
  2. Open the ‘Custom app icons’ page under ‘Settings’ in WordPress
  3. Add the path to your images to the ‘… app icon’ fields
  4. Optionally select ‘My images are precomposed’ (to stop Apple from adding a glossy effect to your icons)
  5. Optionally select ‘Use avatars as app icons for author pages’
  6. Submit the updated settings ‘Save Changes’

You should now see code similar to <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/assets/my-app-icon.png" /> added to the <head> of your WordPress site pages and see your custom app icons when you use ‘Add to Home Screen’ for your site on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


  • Version 1.0.0: Initial release
  • Version 1.1.0: Updated to support larger icons and precomposed versions


Custom app icons is licensed under the The GNU General Public License (GPL), by downloading and/or using it you are agreeing to abide by the terms of that license.


Download the complete Custom app icons 0.1 plugin package (.zip)

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