jQuery Goodness

I recently discovered jQuery and have been duly impressed. Yes, I realise I’m late to the party, but as I am used to doing things the hard way, using traditional DOM functions and libraries of mis-matched functions, using jQuery has been a breath of fresh air.

Warning: Like any utility worth its salt, with great power comes great responsibility. You need to be careful to use the power of jQuery for good and not evil. It is really easy to get swept up in the rush of jQuery hacking and break your noscript version (you do have a noscript version, right?), or otherwise break the Accessibility of your application or even break it’s Addressability.

So I’ve been busy playing and rewriting some of my unobtrusive DHTML widgets into jQuery, which usually ends in them having a smaller footprint, being easier to maintain, and gernerally more animated ;):

I also plan to implement some entirely new widgets now that it will be considerably faster (Mad props to CSS3!):

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